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About Us

Aromatique, Inc. is the Creator of Decorative Fragrance, established in 1982 by Mrs. Patti Upton. The company headquarters are located in Heber Springs, Arkansas in the breathtaking natural State of Arkansas, USA. Patti Upton, who still owns the company together with her husband Dick, gave birth to this dynamic company literally "just for fun." She mixed together a mélange of native botanicals such as acorns, pine cones, gumballs and hickory nuts, fragranced them with spices, oils and ingenuity. Patti called her first creation The Smell of Christmas and placed it in a friend's gift shop. Visitors were enthralled! Patti began to envision the birth of a new industry: Decorative Fragrance. 

Patti's instinctive ability to create scents of elegant simplicity, characterized by unexpected twists, proved such a success, concocting them in her kitchen was no longer an option. Now, Aromatique is a global brand and market leader in the field of Decorative Home Fragrance, creating inviting ambiences in homes all over the world.

Aromatique is a concept for decorative fragrances, made of the best ingredients from all over the world. From these ingredients, innovative products are made dedicated to your wishes, your preferences and your mood. A wide variety of fragrance lines are produced, including decorative fragrance with large botanicals, scented candles, room sprays, reed diffusers and scented oils. These products are produced with love and a lot of handwork is involved. Smell the rich scents of luxury, nostalgia and nature and feel luxurious, relaxed and pampered. 

Mid 2010, Aromatique International became the exclusive and independent distribution company for Aromatique, Inc, giving the Aromatique products the international status that it deserves, a high class lifestyle brand with a global presence.
Aromatique International has its office and logistics centre in The Netherlands and has the rights to sell and distribute all Aromatique products throughout Europe and all other countries outside of the USA and Canada.

Aromatique home fragrance products are all produced in Heber Springs, Arkansas USA and distributed worldwide. Aromatique was already GREEN before green had a bandwagon and is strongly committed to continuously improving as their concern for the environment is genuine and longstanding and not a marketing strategy!

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